How do I take care of my permanent eyebrow makeup after the procedure?

To get the best results, follow the below guidelines after your permanent eyebrow procedure. It’s normal for the area be slightly tender, itchy and appears darker for a few days as the skin develops a thin scab. Scabs will begin peeling 4-7 days after your procedure. When the scabs fall off, your permanent makeup may appear lighter than you expect. Don’t worry, it will darken to your customized color as your skin finishes healing.

Don’t get the procedure area wet for seven days.

Don’t sleep with the treated area directly on a pillow for two weeks.

Don’t rub, pick, peel or scratch the treated area, or your pigment could be removed and healing will be uneven.

Don’t apply lightening products (such as retinoids, alpha hydroxy acids, hydroquinone, etc).

Don’t apply makeup or any other creams and lotions except your healing ointment to your eyebrows until after the area has healed.

Don’t expose healing skin to direct sun (or tanning beds), hot tubs, saunas, pools or direct shower spray for approximately one month after your procedure.

Don’t tweeze or wax your brow area for at least two weeks after your procedure.

Do apply A&D ointment sparingly, with clean fingers, if the area feels tight and dry (2-3 times a day).

Do use sunblock after the area has healed to prevent fading.

Do let your doctor or dermatologist know about your cosmetic tattoo before any chemical peels or MRI’s.

Do wait one year after your procedure to donate blood (per Red Cross policy).

Do contact your doctor if you notice any signs of infection.